At Clinical Affiliates of Maine we recognize the challenges of starting a private practice that provides services to individuals with Maine-Care.  We know that making the leap and “going it on your own” is a very daunting task.  Therefore, we are with you virtually every step of the way.

We will help you to get credentialed; alert you to any trainings and or seminars that may be occurring; and provide you with access to daily supervision groups that can be accessed from the privacy of your own office.

Our support doesn’t stop there.  We offer counsel regarding software and hardware in order to make it easy for you to have your practice and meet all fiscal and regulatory needs in the most time efficient fashion.

We know that your work is highly valuable and needed. We also recognize that the individuals affiliated with us are as well. We therefore reimburse promptly and at the highest possible rate, we can afford. In that we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Christopher Aaron Counseling Center LLC, we can offer other employment opportunities should the affiliate program not meet your life needs. Our programs for Intensive Family Treatment and Outpatient Therapy have per diem positions available. While being at a lower hourly rate this, allows you access to our health insurance plan, tax withholding and financial planning program.

We use modern technology to allow people to have time to truly connect and serve their client’s with the highest quality of care.

Whether you are just starting your own practice or have been doing this for years, CAM is truly your best option at being able to have your practice in your location and still feel a part of a collective that is virtually at you fingertips.

We are clinician owned, and strengths based in our approach to clients and affiliates. We truly are here for you each step of the way.

Are CAM and I a good fit?