At Christopher Aaron Counseling Center (CACC), we are committed to programs for people, rather than people for programs. We are “Clients first, Clients focused.” The needs of those we serve are real. Our responsibility is to assist them to develop natural supports that will cultivate belief in themselves and help restore their inner strengths and resilience. After seeing first-hand the degrees of separation between those being served and decision makers in other organizations, I knew there had to be a better way. A way for an agency to provide services where the decision makers also knew their clients. An agency where staff listened to clients to understand their daily challenges and work with them, through individualized therapy, to fortify them. An agency where the owner, “the decision maker”, was also a clinician who carried a caseload and maintained a personal connection with their daily challenges, staff met daily, and was acutely aware of the ever-changing environment in our local communities. I decided to build that agency. Clinical staff is personally selected to ensure they share the same commitment. Staff understands and embodies the knowledge that everyone is the expert in their own lives. Staff are dedicated to provide client services that empower and reinforce their inner strengths. With that commitment, the agency was built, 10 years ago. Our mission has remained the same - to support individuals in finding their authentic selves and assist them to face life traumas through individual, group and family work. .